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Happy Faces Project Awarded 2021 AGC Build Georgia Award

We are excited to announce the Happy Faces project, which Trident completed in Summer 2020, has received the First Place honors in the 2021 AGC Build Georgia Awards Program.

The AGC Build Georgia Awards are presented to General Contractors and Specialty Contractors for best-in-industry projects demonstrating construction excellence. Project award submittals must demonstrate exceptional safety performance, approach to project challenges, innovative construction techniques and materials, excellence in project management and scheduling, and a dedication to client service and customer care.

The Happy Faces project faced several unique challenges through the course of the project that not only related to the renovation of an aged building, but also the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through it all, the Trident team was able to complete the project within the budget limits and ensure that the Happy Faces team was pleased with the end result.

Check out the project page for more details on this project!

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