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Trident Day of Service with Rebuilding Together Atlanta

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

On January 29, eight members of the Trident team participated in a Day of Service with Rebuilding Together-Atlanta, a local organization that focuses providing safe and healthy housing for low-income senior and veteran homeowners enabling them to age safely in place.

After a recommendation by Jason Hughes, President of Darden & Company and member of the RTA Board of Directors, Jay Wicklund, Trident’s President and a veteran himself, was eager to get involved.

Working closely with Mike Orum, Executive Director of RTA, Trident decided to sponsor, Mr. Felix Morgan, a retired veteran that proudly served his country for over 23 years. Mr. Morgan lives in Dekalb County and lives with his daughter and three-year-old grandson. Working as a security guard to support his family, there is little income left for the needed repairs on his home. Additionally, his mobility issues due to a knee injury have hindered his ability to move around his home safely or do any of these repairs himself. The proposed repairs on Mr. Morgan’s home will allow him to bathe safely, improve air quality and his overall health and comfort, all while preserving home ownership.

Prior to Trident’s Day of Service, Eric Waters, Superintendent, acted as liaison with RTA and Mr. Morgan, and led the charge of overseeing updates to his home that required a specialized focus. Partnering with a frequent stellar subcontractor, Kyle Sanborn/Schumate, their team provided the labor and additional resources for ventilation and ductwork in the kitchen and bathroom. The team also built an interior handrail to provide safety on the steps for Mr. Morgan.

On the assigned day, all Trident and RTA participants properly attired with PPE and masks and screened for COVID, got to work completing the remaining updates needed which included exterior hand rail repairs, foundation paint, interior handrail staining, and landscaping. RTA provided breakfast and lunch for the hard-working team and Trident hosted a happy hour following.

A rewarding and fulfilling day was had by all. Although this was Trident’s first project with RTA, it will certainly not be our last!

“Trident made changing repairs and modifications to Mr. Morgan and his family. They will now be able to eat in a functioning and healthy kitchen. Because of Trident’s donation of labor and materials, we were able to leverage and stretch our grant money to give Mr. Morgan a new refrigerator. We are so appreciative of everything Trident did to support the family. We look forward to partnering with Trident on the project.” Mike Orum, Executive Director, RTA

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