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Building Relationships that Last

At Trident, there is one thing that we value above all: the lasting relationships that we construct with every one of our clients. In 2019, when IMPACT Development Management (formerly Darden & Company) chose Trident to partner with on the construction of the new, 12,500 SF medical office building for MedCura Health, Inc., we strove to ensure this new relationship would last.

The following year, St. Benedict’s Episcopal School wanted to renovate its Smyrna, GA campus to accommodate increased enrollment and allow for more social distancing so in-person instruction could continue. And in 2021, IMPACT and Trident built-out the third and fourth floors of Passion City Church’s new space in Cobb County, which included offices, lounge, storage, communal and collaboration areas.

Now, almost two years from the start, IMPACT needed a building partner they could trust to fit-out their own expanded office space. Located adjacent to The Battery in Atlanta, GA, this new space was to be a physical representation of IMPACT’s new brand and ethos of bringing companies and people together to positively impact communities through the management of real estate development projects across the country. Having worked together previously, they understood Trident to be that partner.

Through months of collaboration of our teams, the 6,000 SF office space was completed during the Summer of 2021, in time for the coordinated re-brand effort and termination of the lease of their previous office space.

IMPACT’s new office space design was intended to not only reinforce the firm’s company culture, but also reflect today’s new work environment and the ever-changing needs of its employees, as well as planning for continued growth. Understanding that team collaboration is a key benefit in returning to the office, Jason Hughes, IMPACT President, stated that “Part of the intent and the design of our new office space is to go back to the old school methods of more offices vs. open offices to give people space and privacy.” A crucial need for all is the ability to do video and client meetings not only from their offices, but “Zoom Rooms” were also incorporated into the design to promote virtual meetings when face-to-face isn’t an option.

Understanding the company leadership’s focus was spread between a successful brand roll-out and continued dedication to its clients and the day-to-day requirements of their projects, Trident oversaw the construction management and details of the project so IMPACT could focus on what they do best – advocating for its clients to make positive community impacts.

See more pictures of IMPACT’s new office!

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