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Mend Coffee & Goods - Atlanta, GA

The project for Mend Coffee & Goods went beyond just building a coffee shop with a cafe and kitchen. Inspired by a serious health crisis, the owners of the shop and the non-profit organization, Hope Heals, wanted to create a warm, inclusive space for people of all abilities to gather, work, and socialize. They aimed to establish a model for businesses that serve the community of individuals with special needs, including both those with disabilities and those without.

The project scope included two restrooms, a private dining/meeting room, a semi-private dining area, and a retail space. The design incorporated high-end finishes, custom steel and glass entry doors, and a "disability-first design" that exceeded standard ADA requirements. The focus was on providing a universally-accessible experience for both employees and customers, with thoughtful touches such as varying counter heights, wheelchair-friendly seating arrangements, adjustable tabletops, acoustic-dampening fixtures to reduce sensory sensitivities, and private, adaptive toileting facilities.

Photography Credit:

Bryan Johnson -

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